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Carmen completed her BFA in Fashion Design at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City while mastering her skills at several fashion houses, from luxury brands to emerging labels. These experiences inspired her to create her own story within the industry. In 2019, she launched her eponymous label and in 2021 started to work as a multi-disciplinary creative consultant.

Founded while living between New York and México, Carmen Llaguno launched her label aiming to redefine the New Feminine by creating beautifully rich yet minimalist pieces that light up the room. Subtle drama, timelessly feminine with an edge. Simplicity made with exceptional attention to detail.

Reminding women, that— our identity is multifaceted.

Her multidisciplinary approach to design allows her to not only create garments but also stories that take her vision even further, breaking the murals between lifestyle, art and fashion. She specializes in design, brand dna, brand therapy and content strategy to create emotionally-engaging narratives. 

We celebrate a slower pace and process where there is importance not only to construction details, but also to ethics and values..

By taking a philanthropic approach to the production of our products, we created a hyperlocal manufacturing system in which we collaborate with local manufacturers and artisans to create beautiful luxury pieces that are not only unique but made out of the finest materials

Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. We are working with a factory with a dual filtration system that reuses and recycles water to help preserve the environment.

In addition; our silks are dyed with non-azo and non- formaldehyde dyes. We have removed the toxic chemicals that not only harm our planet but also our skin.

We celebrate families, our footwear is handcrafted in Padova, Italy by a family owned company that has proved the time tested traditions of shoemaking.

We celebrate women, our huile d’ parfum is developed in México and manufactured in a facility whose employees are 98% women and also sources its essences from the most ecological lab in México.

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Season less.
Our drops are curated edits compiled of some pieces that will transcend from our past season and have been incorporated into our permanent capsule, and a few newer pieces to bring some newness. We focus on designing transpersonal pieces that can last forever, pieces that can stand out on their own or complement the client’s existing wardrobe. Reminding women that we don’t have to completely re-invent ourselves every season, “newness” never outshines quality and elegance.

Made To Order.
When creating our pieces we don’t overproduce, every single piece is made to order. We supervise every order so when we’re cutting there’s minimal fabric waste and we can get the most out of our yardage.

We're Giving Back.
For every order purchased we're planting a Mangrove tree in Madagascar. 4x more effective carbon removal than a tropical rainforest.

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