[kahr-men Ÿ yag-un-noh]1




Carmen Llaguno was raised within the context of nature and spirituality in Monterrey, México; a city that lays in a valley surrounded by mountains. She curated her education in several prestigious schools throughout the world such as Paris College of Arts, University of the Arts London, Instituto di Moda BURGO and finally completing her BFA at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City while also working for designers as well as visual artists to gain experience within the industry. 

Her work aims to incorporate femininity and spirituality into the alfa female (a figure mainly given male characteristics) throughout her garments, accessories and sculptures. While also reminding women, that like crystals — our identity is multifaceted. We have the right to operate at the full spectrum of existence; to be serious and sensual, feminine and rebellious and whatever we desire to be. 

Her multidisciplinary approach to design allows her to not only create garments but also one of a kind “objets d’art” that take her vision even further, breaking the murals between lifestyle, art and fashion. 



2. THE BRAND_ By taking a philanthropic approach to the production of our products, we created a hyperlocal manufacturing system in which we collaborate with local manufacturers and artisans to create beautiful luxury pieces that are not only unique but made out of the finest materials. We celebrate a slower pace and process where there is importance not only to construction details, but also to ethics and values.. 



3. THE SILKS_  Textile dyeing is the second largest polluter of clean water globally, after agriculture. We are working with a factory with a dual filtration system that reuses and recycles water to help preserve the environment. In addition; our silks are dyed with non-azo and non-formaldehyde dyes, as well as plant based dyes such as henna to give them their unique washed prints.

We have removed the toxic chemicals that not only harm our planet but also our skin. 



4. THE CRYSTALS_ Crystals are a tool that has been given to us by the earth, they are not only aesthetically beautiful but are also a reminder of our roots and our essence, they are part of practices that have been passed down from eastern traditions and have proven to be time-tested and powerful.  As a generation that grew up in the stressed-out masses in the digital era, people nowadays are embracing old healing techniques in pursuit of a much-needed moment of zen.

Science blames it on the galaxy, Nikola Tesla says “If you want to tap in into the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” All our atoms are in motion, and metaphysicians teach that every object is surrounded by its own aura- or vibrational energy field. Crystals are unique within nature because unlike other rocks, their atomic particles form intricate and perfectly symmetrical shapes.This perfect symmetric construction makes crystals powerful energy holders and transformers.

And there’s also “The Tinker Bell Effect”: the mind is so powerful that it just takes “belief” to create a change, so psychologically by believing crystals can heal, you are believing in your own power, your journey and the power of the universe.  Like the atoms in crystals, our human bodily cells also keep evolving and regenerate, this is what we call biological impermanence, and our healing processes should also be in tune. We are dynamic beings spiritually and physically and we need to keep being dynamic to survive.

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