We celebrate a slower pace and process by creating season less & timeless pieces. We focus on designing pieces that can last forever, pieces that are versatile and compliment the client’s existing wardrobe so she can make more conscious choices and in turn, minimize waste. By ensuring each garment is designed to last, we are reducing our impact on the planet for future generations.


We are committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing and recognize the importance of honest and transparent partnerships that extend to our suppliers and manufacturers. Therefore, we only partner with makers that promote and successfully pass fair working conditions. This also extends to ensuring fair working conditions and wages are met within our network of manufacturing partners.

We work with a factory with a dual filtration system that recycles water to help preserve the environment. In addition; our silks are dyed with non-azo and non- formaldehyde dyes. We remove the toxic chemicals  that  harm our planet and our skin.


All your orders are sent with biodegradable packaging, using minimal materials.  We encourage repurposing and/or appropriate recycling. For every order purchased we're planting a Mangrove tree in Madagascar. 4x more effective carbon removal than a tropical rainforest. Plus we're partnering up with Planet x Grassroots to provide carbon neutral shipments on all our orders.


Repair, Reuse and Recycle. We believe in treating clothing as a long-term investment. Caring for our clothing has a positive environmental impact on the overall garments footprint – that does not end after you purchase a piece.